Dr. Florian Pethig

I am an assistant professor (non-tenure track, akademischer Rat a.Z.) in information systems at University of Mannheim. I received my M.Sc. and Ph.D. in information systems from the University of Mannheim. I previously worked as a business data analyst at zeroG (Lufthansa Group), specializing in data science and the digital transformation. My research into digital platforms and the digitization of organizations is geared toward understanding how technology impacts the behavior and welfare of people. My work has appeared in Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Journal of Business Ethics, and Government Information Quarterly.

I enjoy running and a good pour-over coffee. In a previous life, I have been speedcubing and competed in the German Nationals.

You can email me at: pethig@uni-mannheim.de.

Work in Progress

Pethig F, Hoehle H, Hui KL, Lanz A (2023). “Behavior toward newcomers and contributions to online communities.”

Pethig F, Hoehle H, Hui KL, Lanz A (2023). “Unexpected monetary incentives and user-generated content on digital platforms.”


Pethig F, Kroenung J (2023). “Biased humans, (un) biased algorithms?.” Journal of Business Ethics, 183, 637-652.

Pethig F, Kroenung J, Noeltner M (2021). “A stigma power perspective on digital government service avoidance.” Government Information Quarterly, 38(2), 101545.

Pethig F, Kroenung J (2019). “Specialized information systems for the digitally disadvantaged.” Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 20(10), 247-265.